Body Essentials

Body Essentials

Body Cream rich and creamy, smooth when applied, skin is soft and moist, no ash after applying. Made with natural butters & oils.

Eczema Cream one number cream to help with eczema. Made with natural essential oil, organic honey, aloe vera, natural butters and oils that help prevent breakouts & itching skin.

Body Oil a natural oil that can be applied to skin after shower or bath for that silky smooth skin. Add it to your bath water for extra moisture. Gives off a light glow to your skin.

 Body Wash made with natural soaps & fragrances. Lathers nicely and cleanse every part of your body. Feel the clean.

Bar Soaps made with natural soaps & fragrant. Great for all skin type. No residue left behind. Lathers up very well. Skin so soft & clean. 

All soaps, bodywashes,  body oils, and creams are made to order.